Money Is The Motto By Mercy B Review

April 24, 2020Telia

Title: Money Is The Motto

Author: Mercy B

Publisher: Mercy B Publications

Published: August 18, 2019

About This Book:

Prepare to be ambushed by the irresistible, unbelievably enticing Prophet. His spell isn’t able to be escaped so easily. Money Malaya Richardson is able to attest to the fact.

“Love, this is a custom Chanel piece. You don’t wear custom Chanel to three-star restaurants. The earrings alone were $2,500. It’s niggas in here wishing upon a star for that $2,500 to fall out of the sky right now and would do just about anything to get it. Here you are, ready to – unknowingly – hand it to them.” Prophet shoved his hands into both of his pockets to keep himself in line. Tittering, he leaned in, again, and asked, “Money, you trying to get me sent back upstate from bodying one of ‘em about you?”

“Please,” she sneered.

“You’re killing me, Money. I’m standing on half-buffed floors in front of people who don’t deserve either of our presence and you’re as dazzling as I imagined. Walking out of that door will be harder than the two years I just did. However, your comfort will always be the mission and Money will always be the motto.” Reaching his full potential in height, Prophet buttoned the single button that he’d undone upon reaching Money.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‘s out of 5!

Money is the Motto was a great read that I had not really expected.

This was my first time reading anything by Mercy B and this book most definitely has me ready to read more from her.

I didn’t really know what to expect, as the description didn’t say much about the plot, but it caught my attention and I am so glad that I gave it a read. It was very well written, one of the best indie books I have ever read. It was very well edited, which is usually a problem with a lot of indie books.

As I read this book, I really liked the vibe that I got when I read it. Money is now one of my very favorite female character’s. She was not overly naive, and the only time I felt she was naive was with the whole Terrance situation.

This book was almost a five star read for me, but their were a few spelling/grammatical errors. And for me five star reads mean that the book was perfect (in my opinion). It was maybe 3 spelling errors away from being five stars.

The plot was strong and consistent. They characters all left big impressions on me, rather they were good or bad, and I was never bored. I read this in one sitting, yelling at anyone who came to interrupt me lol.

Money was a beautiful women with quirks that I absolutely loved and I was grateful that she was allowing Prophet to love her and that she was willing to actually trust him. Most times, in books like this, the women constantly fight what they feel is right and it can get super frustrating. I am so grateful that she was not like. I also loved that Money didn’t let him walk all over her, and that she pushed back when she needed to, yet still followed his lead.

Prophet was a man man. I loved how protective he was, and how he was willing to be vulnerable and honest with Money when it came to their relationship and how he felt about her. He made it clear from the jump that he was interested and wanted her and was not willing to let up on it. He could be bossy as hell when it came to getting his way, but it was all because he wanted her so I’m not going to complain about it too much. The only time I was really upset with him was when he was being freaking stubborn when it came to the situation when he saw her talking with Terrance. Being petty the way that he was caused so much unnecessary drama and I was mad as hell for him about it.

I was very happy with the way that it ended and I am glad that Terrance was handled and that Money and Prophet got their happily ever after.

Overall, I was extremely happy with the ending and I am looking forward to reading more my Mercy B.

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